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Entry #258

I Raped A Cat.

10/5/09 by ChickenGod
Updated 10/5/09

I just got back a few hours ago from a birthday party.

I hardly ever go to parties, and never talk to friends outside of school.

It was actually kind of fun. I lost the game a total of over 9000 times.

These are the friends that I should be friends with, not my fucking overdramatic sophomore 'friends.'

We went bowling. I don't like bowling much, but than again, that's because I usually go bowling with my family.

But I actually had a good time with my friends, which usually doesn't happen.

I also started drinking coffee a week or so away.

Helps A LOT.

I burn my tongue a lot though, because I try to finish it before I get into school, rather than letting it cool. 002 902871 309

I wonder if you guys can tell what site I'm browsing right now. 172

Anybody ever have a dream like this?

I Raped A Cat.


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Sexy teen strips and fingers herself on webcam.

Will probably get deleted soon so be quick!

How about raping the microwave and microwave it in the cat?

10/5/09 ChickenGod responds:

My dick isn't that big.

So, nothing about raping a cat?

10/5/09 ChickenGod responds:

I thought just mentioning it was enough.

I rape cats a lot.

Sometimes I microwave cats, than rape them.

Sometimes I rape them, than microwave them.

Escrima Sticks? Pfft. I'll turn your ass into sushi with my katana.

10/5/09 ChickenGod responds:


coffee isnt so bad if its hot. cold coffee tastes like sh*t

10/5/09 ChickenGod responds:

Yeah, Iced Coffee is a joke, it tastes like Rosie O'Donnell's sweat under her massive tits.



i lost the game

10/5/09 ChickenGod responds:

I love your name.



(thouring up) coffee!! gross i hate coffee i hate the smell the stuff is just gross

10/5/09 ChickenGod responds:

I fucking love the smell.

8===========D {(|)}

10/5/09 ChickenGod responds:


^^^ I think it looks like Sauron from LOTR.

If you want your coffee to cool down a bit, stir in some milk. It'll also make it a little creamier.

I fucking love coffee, man.

10/5/09 ChickenGod responds:

I put some milk in it, but I still prefer it without.